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Is it Sore Throat or Snore Throat (Part 2)

Steven Spainhower | 16 April, 2023


Over-the-Counter Snore Stoppers Work Well

To knock out the Snore Throat, there are several remedies. The key here is to stop the snoring, the biggest cause of which is weight gain.  Many snorers find relief by dropping some of the extra weight. While on the diet and exercise program, they would do well to buy an anti-snore device online or ask a dentist to make one.  (Why wait till the weight comes off if you can use an effective snore guard during the weight losing period?) The appliance made by the dentist should work well, but will be much more expensive than an OTC (over the counter) device.  Many OTC anti-snore devices work very well to increase airway space at the back of the throat, and they cost less.


Sore Throats May Need a Snore Guard, Rarely an Antibiotic

Rarer than viral sore throats are those caused by bacteria, such as streptococcus pneumoniae (commonly called “strep throat”) or even an STD that is spread by bacteria. These normally coincide with other symptoms, such as a high fever, yellow or white spots on the tonsils or throat, or gut pain with diarrhea.  A qualified medical professional can diagnose this and prescribe an antibiotic. The antibiotic should work within a few days, unless you have developed resistant “super bacteria.”  During and after the regimen of antibiotics, you should be eating or taking probiotics to restore the “good” bacteria that the antibiotics are killing.  A yogurt with live bacterial cultures can help restore a healthy gut pretty quickly. 

Sore Throat or Tumor

Rarely, but occasionally, a sore throat is caused by a tumor, cancerous or not.  The growth can create some inflammation, damage tissues of the throat and tongue, and constrict breathing airways.  The constricted airway then can lead to Snore Throat, so be sure to see a professional who can diagnose properly so you don’t overlook the unwanted growth. A dentist or physician can help get to the right diagnosis for mouth or throat cancer.  Causes are many, including STDs, chewing tobacco, and just the genetic predisposition.  

So, a wise human is careful to diagnose the cause of the sore throat, considering the many options.  A roommate can let you know if you’re snoring, and other symptoms can alert you to seeing a doctor.  If snoring is the culprit, consider an appliance made by your dentist or a good OTC anti-snore device, available in drug stores and on Amazon.