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Meet The Dentist Behind SmartGuard®

Dr. David Spainhower, inventor of the SmartGuard® Night Guard, has been a TMJ pain sufferer himself for most of his adult life and understands how finding the right solution to relieve the symptoms of clenching and grinding (or Bruxism) can literally be a life changing experience.

​ “It has been my passion since dental school to design, and market a night guard that is not only highly effective, but affordable to virtually anyone in the country,” says Dr. Spainhower. “I designed SmartGuard® Night Guard to utilize the same technology that I’ve used in my custom TMJ splints for years.”

As a TMJ Dentist of over 18 years, and inventor of SmartGuard®, I’ve personally tested most TMJ appliances. I believe SmartGuard® Night Guard is best in it’s class.

-Dr. David Spainhower, D.D.S.

SmartGuard Rx Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets the most advanced over-the-counter (OTC) Dental Night Guards available. Founded by Dr. David Spainhower, a TMJ Dentist, SmartGuard Rx Inc began utilizing the first generation SmartGuard® Original in 2010 in his dental practice.

Now after several years of testing and design improvements, the fifth generation SmartGuard® is available in retail stores. SmartGuard® is protected by several design and utility patents and is made in the U.S.A.