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SmartGuard Anti-Snore: Your Ultimate Solution for Peaceful Nights

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Say goodbye to restless nights and disrupted sleep with SmartGuard Anti-Snore, the revolutionary device designed to put an end to snoring and help you and your loved ones enjoy uninterrupted slumber. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and utmost care, SmartGuard Anti-Snore is here to transform your sleep experience and improve your overall well-being.


Why Choose SmartGuard Anti-Snore?

Improved Sleep Quality

By reducing snoring, SmartGuard Anti-Snore helps you and your partner enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep every night.

Enhanced Well-Being

Better sleep leads to better health. Experience increased energy levels, enhanced focus, and reduced daytime fatigue with SmartGuard Anti-Snore.

Restored Relationships

No more arguments about snoring! SmartGuard Anti-Snore strengthens the bond with your loved ones by ensuring everyone gets the rest they deserve.

Clinically Proven

SmartGuard Anti-Snore's effectiveness is backed by extensive research and is FDA approved, giving you the confidence that you're investing in a reliable solution.

Backed by Science

SmartGuard Anti-Snore was designed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in oral care. SmartGuard is designed to hold your lower jaw forward while you sleep, right at the source of snoring.

Customizable Comfort

Our mouth guard anti-snore device is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable fit for all users. Its customizable build allows you to mold the guard to the unique shape of your teeth and jaw, ensuring a secure and snug fit that you can wear throughout the night without any irritation or discomfort. Say goodbye to restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed with our specially tailored mouth guard anti-snore device.

Superior Durability

Our mouth guard anti-snore device is built to last, using high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of nightly use. Whether you're a light snorer or experiencing more severe snoring issues, rest assured that our durable mouth guard will remain in excellent condition, providing effective snore relief for countless nights. Invest in a long-lasting solution for better sleep and improved well-being with our resilient mouth guard anti-snore device.

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SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) which means the
device gently holds the lower jaw (mandible) forward when you relax your jaw, keeping the airway
open when you sleep and helps to increase airflow.

The patent pending design allows you to mold the upper and lower tray independently and adjusts
to your unique arch width, as well as your teeth, for a professional custom fit. The trays are
connected via the Advancement Bars which hold the lower jaw forward. This unique design keeps
the trays firmly in place even when you relax your jaw and open your mouth while you sleep,
allowing for maximum air flow and comfort.

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is manufactured with lab quality materials and meet all FDA biocompatibility testing requirements. The device is composed of polycarbonate (PC) and Ethylene-
vinyl acetate (EVA). These materials are widely used in medical devices and have passed all safety testing.

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is BPA and Latex free.

We offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality or function of
the SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device simply return it, along with the Return/Replacement Form
found on the last page of the Instruction Sheet, and SmartGuard Rx Inc. will issue a full refund of
the purchase price of the SmartGuard® device. Proof of purchase is required.

Fill out the Refund/Replace form found on the last page of the Instruction Sheet. Place an X in the
“Refund” or “Replacement box. Fill out the form completely including all contact information and the
reason for the return/replacement. Proof of purchase is required.

The SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is custom fit to your teeth via the “boil and bite” process. This
proven process allows you to get a custom fit to your unique dentition and arch shape. The molding
instructions are included in the retail box and available on our website in the “Downloads” section.
The instructional video is available on our website as well as YouTube.

You can attempt the molding process up to three times to ensure the device is fitted correctly. If you
need to replace any, or all of the parts because you didn’t get a good fit, please contact us for a free

The SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is FDA cleared for Over-the-Counter use for adults ages 18
and older as an aid for the reduction of snoring.

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is approved for the use as an aid for the reduction of snoring on
adults 18 years old and older.

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is not FDA cleared to treat Sleep Apnea. If you believe that you
suffer from Sleep Apnea, we recommend that you see you doctor to be properly diagnosed and

The SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device met all biocompatibility and usability testing requirements
needed to receive FDA clearance as an aid to reduce snoring in adults.

The Advancement Bars are easily removed once the bar is moved to a 90-degree angle to the
bracket on the tray, then pull the bar outward. If the device is assembled, it is easiest to remove the
bar from the lower tray first.

It’s important to rinse the device thoroughly in the morning after each use and store it in the
travel/cleaning case included with your purchase. Regular cleaning with a professional strength
cleaner such as SmartGuard® Premium Cleaner will also help prolong the life of the device and
keep it clear of germs and stains.

The Advancement Bars vary in length by 1mm and are designed to hold your lower jaw forward
while you sleep. Most individuals will be able to start with Bar 2 or 3. But if you have an over-jet
start with bar 1 or 2. If you have an under-bite, start with bar 4 or 5. If you don’t experience a
reduction in snoring, move to the next longer bar and try it for a few nights. If you feel too much
forward pressure move the next shorter size. The goal is to find the bar that most comfortably
reduces snoring so you might need to try a few sizes to see what works best for you.

As with most Over-the-Counter devices, the SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is designed to last at
least 12 to 18 months.

SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device is not FDA cleared for the protections of bruxism (clenching and
grinding teeth) If you suffer from bruxism try the SmartGuard Dental Guard.

When molded properly, the SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device will stay firmly on your teeth, even
when you relax your jaw and open your mouth while sleeping. The patent pending design prevents
the trays from disengaging with the teeth when you open your mouth because the upper and lower
trays are only connected via the Advancement Bars. The bars hold trays comfortably on your teeth
even when your jaw is relaxed and open.

If you have full or partial dentures that are removed at night, leaving you with few teeth, or you have
an implant within the last 12 months, you should not use this device. Please review all warnings
and precautions prior to purchasing or using the SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device.

As long as your crowns or veneers are not loose, you can use SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device. We recommend that you inform your dentist that you are wearing the device during your regular dental

As with all Anti-Snore Devices, this device may cause tooth movement or changes in dental
occlusion, gingival or dental soreness, pain or soreness to the temporomandibular joint, obstruction
of oral breathing, excessive salivation.

Before purchasing the SmartGuard® Anti-Snore Device please review all warnings and precautions.