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SmartGuard Dental Guard: Your Ultimate Solution for Clenching and Grinding Teeth

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Say goodbye to restless nights and disrupted sleep with SmartGuard Dental Guard, the revolutionary device designed to prevent your back teeth from contacting anything, which relaxes the jaw muscles and reduces clenching. 

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and utmost care, SmartGuard Dental Guard is here to transform your sleep experience and improve your overall well-being.

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Why Choose SmartGuard Dental Guard

Improved Sleep Quality

By reducing the clenching forces of the jaw, SmartGuard Dental Guard helps you enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep every night.

Enhanced Well-Being

Better sleep leads to better health. Experience increased energy levels, enhanced focus, and reduced daytime fatigue with SmartGuard Dental Guard.

Restored Relationships

No more morning headaches from clenching and grinding your teeth all night! SmartGuard Dental Guard strengthens the bond with your loved ones by ensuring everyone gets the rest they deserve.

Clinically Proven

SmartGuard Dental Guard was designed by a TMJ Dentist who has been treating patients with this device for over 20 years.

Backed by Science

SmartGuard Dental Guard functions like the most common custom appliance used to treat TMJ pain and headaches. This FDA cleared device was designed by a dentist with decades of experience in oral care. SmartGuard is designed to prevent the back teeth from touching which reduces the clenching forces of the jaw.

Customizable Comfort

Our Dental Guard device is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable fit for all users. Its customizable build allows you to mold the guard to the unique shape of your teeth and jaw, ensuring a secure and snug fit that you can wear throughout the night without any irritation or discomfort. Say goodbye to restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed with our specially tailored device

Superior Durability

Our SmartGuard Dental Guard is built to last, using high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of nightly use. Whether you're a clincher or a grinder, rest assured that our durable mouth guard will remain in excellent condition, providing effective relief for countless nights. Invest i n a long-lasting solution for better sleep and improved well-being with our resilient mouth guard device.

Get it on Walmart

Guaranteed to Work - 90 day money back guarantee